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Mini Sage Bundles - 7 Pack Pixie Smudge Stix

Mini Sage Bundles - 7 Pack Pixie Smudge Stix


Pixie Smudge Stix are Unique, Sleek, and One of a Kind!
Our Small Petite Design Makes These Mini Sage Sticks Perfect for Smudging in Small Spaces. 


All of our plants, papers, and products are 100% Organic. 


Sage leaves are broken down and rolled in a thin paper sheath and then tightly bound to a twig handle. The herb bundle is sealed with a cotton swab that has been dipped in Witch Hazel. 
Our unique design allows the bundle to slide up the stick as the sage burns, smokes, and smolders. Consistently and with minimal re-lights.


White Sage - White Sage has antimicrobial properties that are scientifically proven to kill bacteria and fungi in the air. Sage smoke clears away negative energy, Sage in all its various species are the most utilized herbs within smudging practices. 


Chamomile - Chamomile carries sun energy making it a perfect herbal anti-depressant. It encourages a general feeling of wellbeing and tranquility. It is used to clear the air and keep negative energy away.  Its scent is said to bring understanding in confusion.  


Lavender - Lavendar is said to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. It is most often used to induce a state of calm and promote restful sleep.


Cedar - The smoke of burning Cedar is said to attract the good spirits and eliminate negative energies. Cedar acts as a purifier cleansing the area in which it is burned.


Pixie Mix - We offer a variety. Choose the mix or let us surprise you.


All of our products are derived from Mother Nature and made by hand. Therefore, our products will not be identical. Our photos are representative of what you'll receive, but the size of each stick is slightly different. You will not receive the same, exact stick from the photo, but one extremely similar.


***All photographs are the legal intellectual property of Inked Flames Candle Studio. All photographs are owned by Inked Flames Candle Studio. Under United States copyright law, Inked Flames has exclusive rights to all photographs used in this listing. Photographs may not be used without the express, written consent of Inked Flames Candle Studio.


Please smudge responsibly.

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