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Why the Mason Jars?

There are few everyday objects more iconic than the Ball Mason Jar. It can hang with the best of them. Stand it up next to the most memorable product designs of all time like the Polaroid Camera, Converse Sneakers, Levis Jeans, Coca Cola Bottles, Swiss Army Knives, and it can hang. Aside from its fame, I chose the Mason Jar because it works. I tested several vessels for my wax. Some were fancy, some were not, some were antique, some expensive, some were not. Some tall and slender, others were short and wide, but I kept going back to the Mason Jar.

Perhaps it's the timeless logo, the inexplicably comfortable weight of the vessel, or the effortless balance between elegance and utility. I also appreciate and respect the history of this ageless invention. The Mason Jar works for me, and it has worked for countless others. People have been using this jar for centuries to hold their work, craft, passions, flowers, jams, all sorts of creations. I like everything about it, and I especially like that people get this jar tattooed on their bodies in remembrance of or a tribute to a loved one, who also used and loved this jar.

How cool is that? a tattoo!

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