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Butterfly on Branch


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I am a lover of life, a gypsy soul with a creative and determined spirit. I believe that ideas flutter around us like butterflies, once in a while one lands upon us, and we get inspired. At that moment we have a choice. Admire it, ponder it, and accept the invitation, or dismiss it and carry on with our lives, both are acceptable.

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My Story

Hello, welcome!

My name is Cassie. I am the creator of Inked Flames Candle Studio and Pixie Sage Stix.


I have always appreciated the ambiance and scent of a nice candle and I have always fancied the idea of making my own candles so when this idea presented itself, I was excited and began working on them immediately. I quickly learned that one must be dedicated and patient in order to masterfully create a quality scented candle that burns beautifully. Bringing all of the elements together and creating these little masterpieces has not been easy. Candle making is a science and it has been an amazing experience!  
Today, I am thrilled to offer these deliciously scented soy wax candles in my line. They are luxurious with a little edge... classy! 

Hand-Poured in Florida. We use top quality ingredients in all of our products and thoroughly enjoy each step of the creative process. Our candles have an excellent cold throw (the way it smells in the jar) and hot throw (the scent while lit and wafting). 

Our Pixie Sage Stix are literally one of a kind! Their small size and twig handle make them perfect for burning and smudging in smaller spaces. If you love burning herbs, you will love these little bundles of herbal joy!

Thank you for visiting!

Let Your Light Shine!


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